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But that’s not what I said, is it? So… no.

It’s interesting, you seem to really believe that the event loses all significance once your feelings are less intense.

I guess it’s about having low reaction emotional stimulation and it cranked up to 11 to feel anything?

You have no idea how much anxiety I experience. Honestly, a mg of Klonopin can’t shut me down easily just from ambient stress, so it doesn’t take a lot of work to get me on edge. I know I’m not normal though :wink:

And no… I don’t enjoy it. I find it painful. Really painful. Like I usually stop watching or try to go look up what happens because it’s that uncomfortable to feel emotionally manipulated and/or to take on extra angst even for things that are totally fantastical. Hence I ask what it is like for other people. Because I’ll never know!

I don’t understand. In your first sentence you suggest that there is a place for surprises or plot twists, and then you dismiss the emotional experience as being only for people with “low reaction emotional stimulation?”

Ok, I understand. You get anxious when there’s tension in a piece of work. But clearly you recognize that not everyone feels that way, or else why would authors and artists work to create tension? This isn’t some new Hollywood thing. Authors have been creating dramatic tension since literature has existed.

I guess if you’re really trying to understand, I’d say: that feeling you don’t like? Other people like it.

And it’s not just the edge-of-your-seat tension. We’re also talking about surprises here – there was no anticipation that Joffrey was going to die, and so the surprise in and of itself was a different kind of excitement.

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It’s not dismissive. It just honestly doesn’t seem to me like knowing that xyz dies makes it less intense to see how/why etc.

You appealed entirely to emotions. “Because we care” so I figured you’d really not care otherwise. Hence, you only care if nothing diminishes the total ignorance of what might happen next. Hence, it must take a lot to make you care.

And of course I know other people like what I don’t. What I find strange is that they like it so much that everything is ruined to the point of there being no reason to watch something without it.

Those are two very different things.

And “OMG THIS WHOLE THING IS COMPLETELY RUINED!” is very different from “Screw you I didn’t know that was going to happen, you’ve spoiled that surprise for me”


I don’t think you’re genuinely trying to understand if you keep exaggerating what I say. To say that something increases our enjoyment of a work is hardly to say that we wouldn’t enjoy it at all otherwise. I said so in my first post.

You say I appeal entirely to emotions, as if that’s a bad thing. What else is a work of art, except something that makes us feel, as well as think? No, emotions aren’t everything, clearly, but they’re just as clearly something, right?

I can only re-iterate what I’ve been trying (poorly, apparently) to say. If you accept there’s a reason that authors and story-tellers since the dawn of stories have used tension, surprise and twists to engage their audiences, then that reason is the reason people dislike unwanted spoilers.


I’m trying to think of a good analogy here. I dunno, Imagine someone sneaking up and taking the first sip every time you’re about to take drink. Does it mean the drink is no longer enjoyable? no. But is it annoying as hell? and maybe diminish your first enjoyment of it? absolutely.
Maybe to spell it out a different way. There’s a lot to enjoy in a good story. One of those things is a well crafted surprise. Now just because the surprise for an audience is spoiled, it doesn’t mean the rest of the work isn’t enjoyable, it just means that the audience was cheated from enjoying that aspect of the story.

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Nearly a week!? Seriously? People do have lives that occasionally get in the way of their television watching. Go ahead with the stories and spoilers, but BB used to generally keep the spoilers above the fold. It was a pretty simply policy*, but one that made it easy to enough to not ruin things by simply glancing at a headline and photo.

*It may never have been a strict policy per se, but it almost always happened. It perhaps should become policy.

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I really like got, but only just had a chance to watch last season a few weeks ago!

Last season’s finale ( errr… second to last episode ) was a surprise for me, and it was excellent because of it.

My life ain’t ruined – and I figure probably everyone dies eventually – but, I’d rather not have seen the headline, nor even the bit just now about Tyrion.

( Fwiw: thanks for all the boingboing goodness in general. )

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Rob was a joking (which I suppose is a spoiler in that if you catch the joke, you know he’ll live for at least another few episodes).

Spoilers are a complicated issue. Different media have different lengths where a warning is still appropriate. With TV, I’d say a few days after it aired. With movies, maybe not until it’s been available for home viewing for a bit. With books, I’d say you pretty much always need one unless the book is considered a classic.

A couple weeks ago, I ran into an issue with the Marvel universe. I enjoy watching both the Marvel movies and the TV show Agents of SHIELD. Usually I watch the show as it comes out, but I wait for the movie to come out in a format where I can watch at home. Earlier in the season, Thor: The Dark World came out and a couple weeks later, the events of that movie had a minor effect on the show. Enough that I was a little annoyed by it, but not enough to be a major spoiler for the movie.

More recently, Captain America: The Winter Soldier came out on April 4 in North America. On April 8, Agents of SHIELD aired an episode that followed on from some huge events that happened in the movie. Thankfully I have friends who told me to not watch the show until I’d seen the movie.

Oh my god dude, serious Romeo & Juliet spoiler there, give a warning, sheesh! :wink:

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There’s also a difference with GoT because a lot of the mayhem happens SUDDENLY. So you’re not really being manipulated pre-facto, it’s more like post-facto manipulation BECAUSE it’s often so out of the blue.

My life isn’t ruined but this was pretty jacked up. I’ve been reading bOINGbOING for well over a decade and I’ve never seen secrets that I didn’t want to until GoT coverage. The Red Wedding was mentioned with revealing info upfront and now this.

Seriously, keep secrets and revealing images behind the Read More link.

I offer this criticism because I fucking love this site.


People complain about the spoilers that GRR Martin himself puts into the books.

For example, in the very first episode of season one we are told that Ned is going to die at the hand of a Baratheon. Thats what the omen of the direwolf killed by the stag is all about. But people are all shocked about it.

Then we find out that Cersei has received an prediction that her three children will die before she does. But they get all surprised at Joffrey the Jerk getting killed and they will be surprised when the other two runts get their comeuppance.

There’s a difference between foreshadowing within context and flat out spoilers.

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Nice trolljob, bro. Spoil in a spoiler thread. Stay classy, Kings Landing.

Maybe in the pre-digital/DVD era. Nowadays I’d say there’s a pretty huge chunk of viewers who enjoy shows like Game of Thrones weeks or months after the initial air date. You could argue that illegal Bittorrenters get what they deserve, but a lot of people watch on DVD or Netflix Amazon Prime streaming video.

Whatever your thoughts on “appropriate spoiler warning period” are, I think it stands to reason that if you’re going to bother including a spoiler warning at all it should precede the spoiler in question.

Spoilers: Character ____ dies of _____ in episode ____

is perfectly fine, but

Character ____ dies of _____ in episode ____ (spoilers!)

is just mean.

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People who download the show get to watch earlier than anyone except the people watching the EST/EDT feed live. I do think that sites should be very careful and err on the side of caution when it comes to spoilers. I love to see people react to things like the Red Wedding.

Tywin’s got it coming to him, spoiler much?

Love the spoiler warning below the giant picture of dead Joffrey. Idiots.

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