SpotMini, the latest robot dog from Boston Dynamics


Who makes the hardware inside this robot? Once the software is chipified, who makes that? Maybe not Japan, but probably not America either.


The actuators are made by Moog, which is an international company headquartered in the US.


It depends on what your definition of “made” is.


I work at the university, and frequently use Instron testing machine with Moog servovalve. Speed and precision of control is quite impressive.


I’m sure we’ll never see an entire battalion of weaponized robo-dogs deployed against anyone who threatens the projects, property or political control of the billionaire class.


I like how it runs in place for a moment before actually taking off.




( I have one industrial robot arm in my workshop :slight_smile: )

Just don’t pull a Howard.


Ng Security Industries Semi-Autonomous Guard Unit #A-367 lives in a pleasant black-and-white Metaverse where porterhouse steaks grow on trees, dangling at head level from low branches, and blood-drenched Frisbees fly through the crisp, cool air for no reason at all, until you catch them.

He has a little yard all to himself. It has a fence around it. He knows he can’t jump over the fence. He’s never actually tried to jump it, because he knows he can’t. He doesn’t go into the yard unless he has to. It’s hot out there.

He has an important job: Protect the yard. Sometimes people come in and out of the yard. Most of the time, they are good people, and he doesn’t bother them. He doesn’t know why they are good people. He just knows it. Sometimes they are bad people, and he has to do bad things to them to make them go away. This is fitting and proper.

Out in the world beyond his yard, there are other yards with other doggies just like him. These aren’t nasty dogs. They are all his friends.

The closest neighbor doggie is far away, farther than he can see. But he can hear this doggie bark sometimes, when a bad person approaches his yard. He can hear other neighbor doggies, too, a whole pack of them stretching off into the distance, in all directions. He belongs to a big pack of nice doggies.

He and the other nice doggies bark whenever a stranger comes into their yard, or even near it. The stranger doesn’t hear him, but all the other doggies in the pack do. If they live nearby, they get excited. They wake up and get ready to do bad things to that stranger if he should try to come into their yard.

When a neighbor doggie barks at a stranger, pictures and sounds and smells come into his mind along with the bark. He suddenly knows what that stranger looks like. What he smells like. How he sounds. Then, if that stranger should come anywhere near his yard, he will recognize him. He will help spread the bark along to other nice doggies so that the entire pack can all be prepared to fight the stranger.

Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson


For the ultimate nightmare realized, slap a Trump face cutout on it’s "face’ and have it chase people down the street.




Is that robot Canadian? Because… you know… of its codpiece?


That’s it’s head. It’s Dog from the Half Life games, most of its locomotion is ape-like hence why its hunching in the pic you’re referencing


Jack the sound barrier. Bring the noise.

A solid ending for a good cyborg doggy.


I stand corrected. Would Canadian question still apply?



It’s really hard to answer. Half Life world doesn’t give concrete information on the location of the various locales and where some people might be from. A quick search gives me Black Mesa East, so somewhere on the east coast is the best approximation i have give at the moment :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Mucho thanks.


Hmm, Black Mesa East is near City 17 and that is says that it’s in Eastern Europe. So i would hazard a guess Dog is Eastern European, possibly Russian in some part (wild guess)


Russian. That would explain why its head looked like a codpiece to me; and that reinforces the Trump connection.


Put another way: “Boston Dynamics still hasn’t thought up any practical applications for the quadruped robot technology they developed over a decade ago.”

I’m the first to admit that those guys make the coolest robots around. But I still haven’t seen a single one of their walking 'bots do anything that a treaded rover couldn’t do much more efficiently.