Springfield, Illinois mayor gives evil Cobra Commander key to the city


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Springfield has long been a base of operations for COBRA. COnly now can they feel so brazen about it.


This is extra funny because Bill O’Reilly is William F. Buckley’s nephew.

Meh. I’m sure he’ll soon be defeated, no one will be seriously hurt, and an important lesson will be learned for the day.


That’s not Mayor Mike Houston at all! It’s Zartan in disguise!


And he would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those meddling…oh, wait…


Springfield resident: “Well I’m never voting for that mayor again!”

Cobra Commander: “You won’t have to. I hereby suspend all elections and declare Cobra Law!” maniacal laugh


I’m just grinning like a little kid after reading this. We LOOOOOVED G.I. Joe from kindergarten through probably 4th grade. I sure miss the 80s sometimes…

This would have made much more sense if this happened in Ferguson


Ferguson is the kind of city that would prefer the Red Skull, isn’t it?

If you want to get a real idea of the kind of evil Cobra Commander is check these out:

whaaa? I never heard that

William F. B. O’Reilly - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Not to be confused with Bill O’Reilly (political commentator)… He is a grandson of Texas oilman William F. Buckley and a nephew of famed conservative author William F. Buckley, Jr.


Much of the reason had to do with Bill O’Reilly. Not that Bill O’Reilly, the Fox News guy, but the one that local Republicans refer to as “our Bill O’Reilly,” …
Mr. O’Reilly is a member of what may be the First Family of conservative politics. His full name is William F. Buckley O’Reilly, as in that William F. Buckley, his uncle and the founder of the National Review.

looks like a person named Bill O’reilly is Buckley’s nephew, but not the Bill O’reilly.

Whoops, that’s confusing! Same name, same job title, same most things.

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