Squirrels you may encounter


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I found a locked safe hidden at the back of a closet in my new house



Bottle Squirrels


So what’s the deal with Jeffrey?


As a man named Jeffrey (or, more accurately, Jeffery, because reasons), I have to remind you that we don’t talk about Jeffrey. It’s sort of like fight club, but without being cool (because Jeffrey ain’t cool).


The Pennyfarthing-squirrel makes me think of Pom Poko.

Seeking out an exemplary Pom Poko image is left as an exercise to the reader, as there are some things best left unsearched for whilst at work.


What? No Tippy Toe? By far the best squirrel.





I lost it at the magical squirrel. :smiley:


Attack squirrel:

Jedi squirrels:



The floor is littered
With woodchips and apple cores
And hulls of acorns
There is a chattering sound

Because they were squirrels; real squirrels
And there were thousands
This isn’t some kind of metaphor
Goddamn, this is real


Well, that was different. And when I say different I mean what the fuck was that.

Pom Poko: balls against police

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