Drunk squirrel


Narcoleptic Squirrel


how do you know that this squirrel is drunk?


It looks more like it’s “fainting” like those goats do. They stiffen up and fall over when threatened.


Because it later hit on a very unattractive squirrel.


Maybe the squirrel cares about what’s on the inside.


Are we sure about “drunk” and not “poisoned” or “very sick”? Is there some sort of pre-video story that we’re unaware of (like the very common “squirrel eats fermented fruit” or “squirrel eats fermented corn”) ?


Nah, they’re all driven by their nuts.


The next morning: “So I’ll call you, OK?”


could be anywhere from a brain tumor to an ear infection which causes a lack of balance control in small rodents like that. poor lil’ guy.


Probably not drunk:

Internet seeks diagnosis for Tippy, the Fainting Squirrel


Whatever the cause, it’s pretty likely that natural selection will soon take place.

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Every time I see a media reference to a squirrel, I think of Fark. Big Nut Squirrel Fark.

I don’t like them, much, for they booted me after #preparelather and stole my shit for their own shenanigans…

But, whatevs, everybody steals my shit and runs with it nowadays, so I guess, in some aways, it’s worth it; I fathered some pretty creative shit, if I do say so myself, and for that I am grateful, for all I ever wanted was to make a difference in the world I inhabit, to create, to educate, to lead, and to teach. I write, you create/learn/read regardless. Word.

Many hate/d/s me, or at least they play/ed that game. Games are for players, and players are for games.

Fuck dat. Let’s be real, and go love some more.

Fuck squirrels, especially drunk ones, for they steal shit and squirrel it away, those nutrats…

Shot and ate one once, would do it again…



Partial complex epilepsy would be my guess… Could also be myotonia congenita. Narcolepsy would not recover that quickly.

You know, the pathologicalization of the world is as wrong as the perceived wrong is perceived wrong, man.

WTF do you actually know?

Are you a doctor in this field or just flashing false credentials?



Neurobiologist who studied neurodiagnostics and ran a neurodiagnostics lab for 5 yrs before going into neurobiology of vision. http://prometheus.med.utah.edu/~bwjones/


I’m with the vets-at-a-distance who note that the fact that he always falls to the right is a bad sign.

Also, this is a chance for me to say that in college I had a cat called Clockwise who always snapped into a spin when he was excited. This was a result of having his little head partially crushed inside an enclosed platform rocking chair. He hopped out, fell over, and was revived by my roommate the pre-vet student. She actually gave him mouth-to-snout resuscitation to bring him around, but forever after he would do the spinning thing, always in the same direction.


Thank you, Doctor; please continue, unabated by my commentary to the contrary…



I am quite familiar with drunk squirrels, and i do not think that squirrel is drunk… My vote would be on epilepsy or something, given how it locks up before falling over.

Awwwww… Pshhhawwww.

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