Man arrested for attempted murder in squirrel feeding incident


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I can understand the latter, but the former? Do the neighbors seriously think that the squirrels will somehow give their peanuts to local children who have nut allergies? This is when helicopter parenting goes off the deep end.


I think “nut allergies” was a reference to this gentleman.


Thank goodness for that “Good Guy with a Gun!”


each man accusing the other of being “white trash,”

Eeeeeyup. Yup. Ayup. Yeeeep.

And what’s up with the crazy parents thinking this is a nut allergy issue rather than a rafts of aggressive little rats problem?


But what kind of gun was used? I need to know if Browning was shot with a Browning!


Disappointed! I was hoping this was the other half of this:

I doubt it. I’ll bet it was just concern trolling.

  1. I wouldn’t feed the squirrels.
  2. Why is that dude feeding the squirrels?
  3. I must be right, for some reason.
  4. I know! Peanut allergies!
  5. Won’t somebody think of the children?


I don’t understand why they were arguing. . . they were both right.


I am concerned about the squirrel’s children, what will they have to eat while this gentleman recuperates.


Yes, I chuckle at playing back my imagined version of this argument in my head.
“White trash!”
“Am not! You are the one who’s white trash!”
“Oh, yeah?”


A perfectly reasonable misunderstanding. Could happen to anyone…


Squirrel carries peanut to another yard. Eats some. Drops the reset. Toddler picks up dropped peanut. Eats it. Goes into anaphylactic shock. Possible but so very extremely unlikely.

Huh. I wonder if the Blue Jays we feed whole peanuts have ever deliberately dropped some in a murderous attempt to eliminate rock-throwing boys.


If we had more good squirrels with guns, this wouldn’t be a problem.

Leaving aside the obvious for a moment, shouldn’t we be able to tell if this was point blank or 10 feet away by the powder burns on the shootee?


Well, there you go. You’re just as complicit as those squirrel-loving people!


Would these be Toronto Blue Jays?




This kind of an American thing. Many (if not most) of us don’t have the social skills necessary to deal with disagreement candidly and openly. A lot of us are running around either lashing out at everyone who disagrees with us or shutting down whenever someone disagrees with us.

Maybe we need to start teaching those skills in school.

Blue jays are incredibly smart. They’re more likely to dive bomb at the boys. They also tend to have a sort of neighborhood watch set up to keep an eye on cats.


Which one?


The white trash one.


Well, to both of them. Mister “I must destroy flyers explaining why a dude likes to feed squirrels, lest the villain find allies in his cause” doesn’t come off looking very sane either. (And he may or may not have actually thrown a punch over it, depending on which one you believe.)