St. Elmo's Fire from inside plane cockpit

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I’ve seen one of those, thankfully. But good shout!


Are the northern lights colorful at all when seen unaided, ie without a camera? I’ve heard conflicting reports


Oh yes, if they’re strong enough. Very weak ones are basically green smudges in the sky. Stronger ones are undulating green curtains. If they’re even stronger they will turn purple and eventually white. They’re very colourful and the thing the photos don’t prepare you for is the movement.


Yep. The green smudges are still pretty cool the first few times. As a kid, I got used to them.

But one night there was a solid pink band dancing the in the sky. Breath-taking, even to someone who was “meh” about the green dancing curtains.


When you see things under sodium street lighting, it seems like you can see green trees and red cars and what not, and the light reads as “white”, even though everything is technically the exact same shade of yellow because there’s only one wavelength present. If you look at a photo of the same scene, in a room with white light, then the whole scene does look yellow. The northern lights are also (mainly) a single wavelength, as it’s the same mechanism, so people might have the same experience if there’s no other lighting.

I saw the '98 Eclipse in the Guadalupe Channel NW – Monserrat, which was visible to the north, started spewing a big plume of ash just a few minutes before totality.


@ChuckV @jlw - Love that album, was revisiting it just a couple of weeks ago.

And thanks Jason for the article link: some interesting insights, and this just cracked me up:

“His full name is Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno (the St John le Baptiste de la Salle was added at confirmation).”

So at probably 12 or 13 years old, he chose to add “St John le Baptiste de la Salle” to his given name? My oh my, he works on a different level to most mere mortals.

I discovered that there was a Saint Damien so that was my choice. You might think I was purposefully trolling my Catholic school, I couldn’t possibly comment

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