St Louis cops indicted for beating up a "protester" who turned out to be an undercover cop


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I know him personally…


1000% this…
Unfortunately, the trend is to accede them more - more protections, more firepower, more special treatment, etc. etc. etc.

It’s about power. And the general population seems to have trouble realizing that roles of authority tend to attract people who look forward to abusing it.

We really need to get back to demanding accountability from our officials and insisting on reform. They’re not going to do it on their own.


It’s important to note that under Obama, there was an increased focus by the DOJ on entering into consent decrees with local law enforcement agencies, which provide oversight to police reform. (Ferguson has one). Jeff Fucking Sessions, on his way out, drastically limited the DOJ’s ability to continue that practice.

Vote like it matters, because it does.


To bring it disturbingly close to home, I think it is like eating meat. We all sort of know those mammals don’t enjoy getting killed, and aren’t too happy living on factory farms. But they aren’t human beings and someone else deals with the bleeding so it doesn’t really feel like a big deal. Same with some cops; they don’t see the people they abuse as human, the abuse takes place mostly in secret, and someone deals with the aftermath. Even if the abuse somehow sees the light of day, the municipality pays the judgements.

My point is that I think it dehumanizes us when we dehumanize cops.


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