St. Louis Lambert International Airport evacuated due to burnt bagel


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Doesn’t look unsalvageable; a good schmear would help.


People might scoff, but that bagel had terrorist intent!


Well it was either evacuating the airport or putting it on loxdown.



Seen as being too brown.





Burnt bagel + consumption = gut gas (boom).


It’s certainly a schmear campaign.


Came for the inevitable bad puns, was not disappointed.


Oh man, imagine being the poor bagel store employee who let their attention wander a few seconds too long.


Will the TSA now prohibit bagels?


If only it’d been the Philadelphia International Airport.

Nowadays airport security is just a hole crumby mess.


I would be more impressed if the scorched bagel revealed the image of Jesus.

Like the shroud of Turin, only a bagel instead of a shroud, and Saint Louis instead of Turin.

PS, scorched bagels are still edible – not so the shroud of Turin!




Oh, that brings back a bad memory, but in my case it was only a small office building - maybe 11 floors - with a McDonalds on the first floor. After it was all said and done, the fire chief and the designated fire marshalls of each floor came and examined my burnt toast. And all I could say was, “sumimasen” and stare at my shoes.


Ours was evacuated one afternoon because someone brought in durian…


I’m evacuating right now.


You’re supposed to slice them before jamming them into the toaster. Voice of experience.


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