Fecal rampage grounds international United flight


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what a crappy situation



That really stinks for the rest of the passengers.


Sounds like a smear job.


United Airlines: Shit Just Got Real



So many joke possibilities . . . but I’ll go with:

“Thanks a lot, Trump!”


Shit happens. Maybe they should have given him the extra bread roll?

And how could they tell which passenger it was?




I actually was hoping for a video with the Hulk mad because he had diarhea.


the passenger, who was reportedly cooperative

“Hello, officer! Nice to meet you!” (extends feculent hand)

Which reminds me, anyone else here remember doodie.com?


Oh sure, NOW they crack down on it.


Smelled his fingers?



a man had smeared feces all over some of the plane’s bathrooms

Totally shity.


First, it sounded great :

But finally, this one is definitely a more brutal band name :


A united flight.

Describes how fecal expulsion sometimes occurs.


You should read the local papers more:


First the guy with the fruit, now this. I’m genuinely curious as to why these people find this to be a good idea.


This reminds me of a day I worked as a waiter in a creperie and an elderly gentleman possibly suffering from dementia came in. He’d already been to a pancake house and was carrying a takeout bag.
By the time we’d figured out what happened, he’d smeared the bathroom walls, doorknob, and was wiping fecal matter off his hands using the seat and table.
He paid and left before help could arrive.