Stained glass windows with the McDonalds logo yours for $150


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It plays well as a W too!


Get it now before McDonald’s sues him and the price skyrockets.


I’ve always thought that my commodity fetishism needed classier liturgical architecture… This should be perfect.


It’s an item from the “Demolition Man” universe. After Taco Bell won the franchise wars, McDonalds declared itself a religion to protect itself.


It is always nice to see them show a little flexibility in their branding to accommodate different styles.


A classic of the 1970s.


What a surprise it’s for sale. Who wouldn’t want something like that?


Sedona, Arizona


I do have a stained-glass transom window that I would love to replace. There’s something slightly off-kilter about it that bugged me for a long time. Why is the frame wider on one side than the other. Then my dad looked at it and pointed out that it’s one of a pair of cabinet doors rotated 90 degrees. Now I can’t unsee it. Of course, the whole window was installed slightly crooked, but that’s a different issue.

Unfortunately, this is too small and my upper price is $124.99.



Next time on…


I worked in a McDonald’s that had these dividers, but that was only …



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