McDonald's 1987 fashion catalog is a horrorshow


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Let’s not also forget Apple’s similarly awful 1986 fashion catalog.


Meh. Not much worse than any other corporate-apparel catalog.


It’s not the corporate-ness that makes it awful, it’s the 80’s-ness.


I dunno, awful as most of that catalog is, I kinda want that Big Mac hat:


Bearing in mind this is the bland, corporate, preppy version of the 80s that was well despised even in the 80s.


I can’t hear you! I have a french fry in my ear!


I would probably wear that Grimace v-neck. :laughing:

Not always so bad. :laughing:


im digging the french fries radio… it’s really kind of a time capsule when you see radios shaped as a product. who makes radios anymore as a premium when everyone has streaming in their pocket?


Well, these seem to be doing well:

Everyone may have streaming in their pocket, but not everyone has an unlimited data plan.


I doubt there’s a single thing in that catalog that wouldn’t go for at least five times the original price, adjusted for inflation, at a Brooklyn consignment store.


French fry Bluetooth speakers would probably do well.


I dunno, that McFry Radio is pretty awesome. :blush:

Could totally pair it up.


Yep, that’s 1987, all right.

I see I’m not alone in my love for the french fry radio! So cute :smiley_cat:


Other than the logo it’s mostly just the kind of shit that most folks were sold as contemporary fashion. Those long-sleeve t-shirs, for example, are straight up Ocean Pacific copies. I also see recognizable ESPRIT, and some low-rent Benetton.

Everyone dresses like assholes twenty years later.

The hairstyles are what horrify me. One of the main reasons I don’t like 80’s porn is the hairstyles and blue and bronze eyeshadow.


Hey! At least they included one black guy!

The “Oxford Look” jacket looks well made.


Aside from the clothing, I want most everything in that catalog.


“I’ll be back for you later!”


Oh god I hadn’t thought about that thing in forever. I remember really wanting a Mr. Microphone and eventually got it for Christmas or my birthday or something. It wasn’t disappointing but looking back I can’t figure out why I wanted it at all. I guess it is an RF gadget, so maybe a small child’s precursor to ham radio?


Carl’s Jr. similarly updated their uniforms to conform to what we unfortunately considered fashionable. The unintended consequence was that people would sometimes ask kids who weren’t restaurant employees to get them drink refills, etc. It was pretty funny, actually.