McDonald's new employee uniforms look like Logan's Run


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Sorta kinda, at least they don’t have to participate in Carousel!


##Renew! Renew! Renew!


On full thought these look pretty nifty. Could use splash of color but I like it.


Wow! Something more to drive home the point that hardly anyone orders the Filet-O-Fish.*

*Knowledge gained from experience. My first job, my first firing. My first boss with a stick up their ass.


“There is no Sanctuary!”

Also Jenny Agutter is one of the 70’s great unsung hotties.

Also in the TV version, Heather Menzies sported one of the shortest miniskirts TV would allow


I actually kind of dig the new uniforms, but they do need a bit of color for contrast.


Now we know what happened to all that flesh that was lasered in Carousel.


"Last day, Capricorn 29s. Last day.

“Also, Big Mac, Logan 5. Big Mac for Logan 5”



Ah, so lack of assembly experience is why mine always have half a slice of cheese and a huge glob of tartar sauce sitting on one side of the container, with the fillet and bottom half of the bun on the other.


"This is your receipt for your Big Mac… and this is my receipt for your receipt. "


What in tha…


Wow, those look purposely designed to disguise an unsanitary work environment.

“Mold, mildew and burnt fryer grease chasing off the customers? Try our new Pre-Mildewed™ line of commercial clothing! Now you can wipe everything on your pants leg!”

If you smell febreze around anybody with a Logan’s Run uniform, run.


“Logan’s Run”, the movie that prophetically hooked Tinder up to a teleportation device.


What? It was… turned into teenagers and made to serve hamburgers?


If you’re not management by the time you’re 30 . . . your parents throw you out of the house.


Is there some reason the grey stripe has been moved from the chest to the genital region? Have they been radiation-proofed, like those $75 boxers, to protect the fecundity of our employees?


How they plan on having fresh meat:



As a kid when I first watched this movie (on TV) - that robot scared the bejesus out of me. I’m not sure what it was, but even as a young child I was freaked out by a mechanical automaton eventually harvesting whatever comes through the area - including people. Laughing the entire time.