Standing up by sitting down: the overlooked power of the sit-in


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Very cool. Our child has benefited from 504 accommodations, but I did not know about this. Nowadays, ADAPT seems to be at the forefront of the fight against Obamacare repeal, sometimes with similar tactics, and they seem to be doing pretty well.


ADAPT know how to get shit done.

Effective protest does not need to be violent, but it does need to be disruptive.


The first time that I learnt about ADAPT was on a trip to Washington DC. As we were walking down Pennsylvania Avenue in our way to the Capitol, they were marching the other way to demonstrate for at-home care. We crossed the street to greet them and they gave us the button in the picture. My daughter got very emotional about seeing so many people in wheelchairs demonstrating for their rights.


Obviously, people in wheelchairs are much better at sit-ins than at standing-up protests. :wink:


In case anyone is interested/looking for them, the current UK equivalent is DPAC


This started with sit down strikes by workers


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