Stanford Bans Hard Liquor - This will work


You mean you don’t know about… um, never mind…


She’s Canadian. There are still some responsible adults in that country.


I see. In my USian parochialism (no sarcasm) i ignored this possibility. Hopefully they’re able to hold back the infection of thinklessness.


It looked pretty dire there, for a few years, but recently, their prospects have brightened.


Yeah for Trudeau!


My experience is very much like yours but our rooms were never subject to random searches. Most of the resident assistants took the attitude of “It’s not a problem as long as I don’t see it.” Sometimes that was as simple as making sure you put your beer can behind a pillow whenever someone came in during a dorm room party.

And alcohol flowed freely at the fraternity houses right across the street. (Sororities weren’t allowed to have off-campus housing, but that’s another story.) The administration did exercise some control over fraternities but there was only so much they could do. Following the rape of an underage girl at one house the fraternity was banned from having any parties, so they switched to simply having gatherings.


Mine were always like ‘I HAVE TO KNOCK ON THE DOOR AND SAY WHO I AM’ so yeah don’t be dumb and drink with the door open or make a lot of noise and you will be good.
Heck I even had one RA who did a run for a bunch of us underage kids as the event was off campus and transport was provided.


My campus was dry. I thought all campuses were – seemed normal to me. Off campus however was a very different story. And we got trashed on beer and/or liquor. – beer just took more trips to the bathroom and an empty stomach.


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