Stanislaw Lem's The Invincible being made into a videogame

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The Invincible described as a thriller? Huh. Struck me as creeping psychological horror wrapped up as a paean to mankind’s hubristic arrogance.

Solaris would be pretty incredible as a mystery / horror survival game, but I don’t think game makers will have a big enough triangle budget for the weird fungal sentience goo of the Solaris setting any time soon.


Not disappointed, but I think I’ve been T-boned by AAA development news on Boing^2 now. -=-plus-=- xhonk is onto still another Solaris than the ones (voyage to fix sun/fundie captain vamp-kills nearly everyone…wait, it was because of fungal redirection then) so far.

I wouldn’t describe The Invincible as a thriller, either.

However, a game based on the book, in “atompunk” style, sounds hella cool, and I’m hoping this will turn out well.

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Get back to me when The Cyberiad gets adapted into a videogame. Now that would really be something.


The mention of “Atompunk” piqued my inquisimeter too. I really like the style of the Fall Out setting, if not the games themselves. So, seeing something similar, but not post-apocalyptic, sounds neato.

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