Star Spangled Banner sounds Russian when played in a minor key


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How apropos.


I mean, it already is a drinking song, so why not vodka instead?


Starts at the 2 minute mark, FYI.


The only thing that would make it more perfect would be getting a “billionaire” cellist to accompany him.


Déjà vu, sort of:


Brilliant! I ran across this guy years ago in a video about Cockney music (where I learned about the famous “have a banana” motif). Can’t find the exact video on a quick search - turns up several links, but they’re probably all worth checking out.


Yeah, I remember seeing this on some website recently. Can’t recall which one.


I missed that one, since I don’t read BB over the weekends usually - BB is a bit prone to double posting at times


Seek ye Black Books.




A somewhat different minor-key version of the Star Spangled Banner is used as the intro music for “Make No Law”, a podcast about the 1st amendment from Popehat:


Liked, though I have issues with the quality of Moran’s spit take.


Is there some compelling reason that Bill Bailey doesn’t yet have an OBE? I certainly can’t think of one.


Memories of Victor Borge!


Tspited States ff Dnlperica?


He doesn’t want one? “Order of the British Empire/ doesn’t sound too good to me…” (Billy bragg)


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