Bill Bailey demonstrates major and minor keys with Star Spangled Banner


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It is now the job of every American patriot to slip minor key versions of the “Star Spangled Banner” into every Republican event that they can.

And don’t worry, nine times out ten they won’t notice.


I still like the Match of the Day theme in minor key


“Most jazz sounds like a surrealist car alarm” <3


Bravo! Or should I say браво!


He is a national treasure.


Probably my favorite QI guest.


So, who is this guy again?






Maybe not the oldest trick in the book, but close anyway.

I guess bill bailey is a somewhat entertaining skillful musician. Nice light entertainment fluff. But I never understood why people are so hyperbolically enthousiastic about him.

I mean, it’s nice and everytime I see a youtube movie of him I think: “yeah, that’s somewhat funny”. But not hysterically fantastic or something.

But to each his own, I guess.




Manny! I love Black Books.




To be fair, the Star Spangled Banner was inspired by a russian folk song. Here is the song:


Why don’t you give us a list of the top entertainers in your estimation, since Bill Bailey is clearly not for you?


I really enjoyed the major scaled project a few years back using melodyne and I believe stems from rock band or something.


Nah, that would take actual effort :cold_sweat: