Mario theme performed with trumpet and handgun


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Excellent. Does he review utility knives?


See, this is why we have gun laws in Europe…


Lol - this is why you need more than 10 rds in a magazine


Go big or go home, Charlie.


The Wichita Symphony Orchestra used to do this with cannons alongside the Arkansas River for seasonal performances.


Austin, too (Colorado River). Someone there pointed out to me how weird it was that Americans celebrate the 4th of July with a piece by a Russian composer that he wrote to celebrate the defeat of the French.


Oh God, I hope they’re good gunners because they’re terrible musicians. At least one fired six beats too late!


Only a white guy could get away with this. If he was black, cops would have shot him for playing his trumpet too loudly.


A gun lovin’ Be-leiber?


You guys have something against harmless fun?

But considering you started two World Wars, maybe that is for the best… :wink:


More musical guns:

Russian playing Beethoven.

I call BS on this one, as I can’t get my BX-25 to feed that many rounds with out jamming.

And this one uses the action sounds as percussion.

Music is fun.


Sometimes, I’m ashamed of my fellow Americans. A horn and a gun? It should be two guns!


The first part of that last one is magical.


“Needs more gun.”


Looking at the US’s current relationship with guns it would be better if you treated this less like “harmless fun” and more like “reckless use of a firearm”. Take it from someone who started two world wars… :wink:


Except nothing in the video is “reckless”. Silly, a bit. But not reckless or unsafe.

That is like saying a video of someone driving a car is reckless, just because we have 5 Million car wrecks a year. I’ll be the first person to call out unsafe behavior.




Gun culture in the US has really taken a turn for the worse, but this is an example of how it can get better.

I bet none of these guys would describe themselves as sovereign citizens.


Yup, America! Cuz we can can!!!