'Star Wars: A New Hope' re-created from derivative footage

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FYI, the reason the question was even asked is due to a Christian Apologist stating that if all copies of the Bible were somehow destroyed tomorrow, we could still tell the stories because there are so many works derived from it that we could replicate the Bible from them.

This particular Youtuber decided to show that this is not a unique property, and therefore proves no claims about the Bible other than “it is very widespread”.

That longer video is here:


What is the Bible and did Palpatine have something to do with it?




For more smash cut Star Wars, see also Star Wars Uncut


It’s a book that claims to tell you how to live a good life. It has lots of good ideas in it, and quite a few bad ones too, because it’s very old.

For example it tells you to feed the poor, to forgive those who act against you, to love your neighbour and to choose humble living over the pursuit of riches. Unfortunately it also tells you that slavery is just fine, women should be property of men, and that you can get stripy goats by breeding them in front of properly arranged bits of wood.

Many people choose only the good bits, and live good lives filled with compassion, caring and love.
A significant minority cherry pick the bad bits and live their lives as arseholes.

Although to be fair, the latter may not be the Bible’s fault - evidence is mounting that they would have been arseholes anyway.

It has nothing to do with Palpatine. And even better, not a single mention of Midichlorians. :wink:


I mean, okay, but this feels like cheating. It’s 90% footage from the Family Guy and American Dad episodes that spoofed Star Wars. I was expecting it to be cut together from totally unrelated footage, which would have been super interesting. This is more like watching a bootleg and isn’t really making the point they seem to be trying to make. Like, yes, you can tell the story of a Star Wars by playing a movie of someone else telling the story of Star Wars in animated form.


I had the exact same thought. The thumbnail set us up for something much more abstract and creative.

Here’s a consolation: (requires a longer attention span than we’re used to these days, or maybe it’s just good for a few minutes of viewing)


Star Wars?

That movie (the first one, 1977) was a total disappointment to teenage me.
I was, nay, am, an avid SF reader, and I was awed by 2001 and Solaris.

I entered the cinema with a new hope (pun ingloriously intended), but found the whole thing so bland and the characters so annoying that I’ll never understand all the hoopla - I did see TESB and ROTJ just out of peer pressure, they did nothing to improve my first impression.

Fun thing, the rest of my family (S.O. and assorted offspring) tried to watch it (me absent) and did not even get to the end.

There’s, though, one redeeming thing: without the original Star Wars we would not have a true masterpiece

There. I said it. I will be marked for life, I know.


International Treasure Kyle Kallgren did a similar project at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gUKYBs6T8c

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That’s essentially what the Bible is already; a collection of texts cobbled together from copies and translations of older documents, often from secondhand sources and retellings of older stories.


the only proper response here is:
“Impressive… most impressive.”

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Excellent! That’s much better and much more what I was expecting from the thumbnail of the OP video.

That theme music is also very impressively not quite Star Wars but recognizable as such. They walk right up to the line, then just the right note is different. Clever.

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Too bad they couldn’t fit in some cheesy home movie stuff.

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