Star Wars Costumes: The Original Trilogy




Well that makes my extensive 12" action figure collection look rediculous. Even the storage system is cool!


Can we please retire the “Slave Leia” costume now. Please?


Amen to that! I’m an old Star Wars geek from way back (I’m in my 40’s). But I guess I wasn’t the right age or not in the right mindset because that whole “sexy slave Leia thing” never hit me, never thought it was sexy. And always thought it was weird that it was a “thing” for other guys. I guess I was that geek who cared more about the sci-fi action and less about girls at the time.

I thought Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia was a cool, confident, competent character, but alas I did not find her sexy.

This book looks awesome however!!


Nothing says “timeless fashion statement” like a periwinkle cape. That dude was smooth.


works every time :beers:


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