Star Wars cup ad, 1977: you like laser swords, right?

People are making fun of him, but I believe George Lucas routinely calls or called Lightsabers “laser swords.”

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DUDE they’re brother and sister! (Although to be honest people didn’t know that until 6 years later…)

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I want to see the commercial he did for the Kiss cups.

‘Do you remember when Gene Simmons got a cow’s tongue transplanted into his mouth?’

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People are making fun of themselves, and Star Wars fans in general.

That’s a good ad. I don’t feel like I’m being tricked or ripped off and it was an entertaining performance. A simple pitch with an entertaining performer - I’d buy stuff at his store.

I think calling him “schlub” is unfair and cruel. In fact, the entire “Hey! Look at this old crap! It’s stupid!” act is not funny and illustrates ignorance and intolerance. The collective mind is narrowing…

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