Star Wars dubbed into Navajo




“and it’s a costume event!”
how do I just KNOW someone’s going to take this stupid, racist places?


Wish they’d given us a dubbed trailer … I’d love a sample.


Trying to think of what Star Wars character cosplay would be inherently racist…


Two words: Jar Jar.


Jar Jar is the Tonto of the Star Wars universe.


but we’re talking the original star wars, here - not any of the prequels. i can’t think of any characters in the original one that could be considered racist.


I’m also thinking about New Hope specifically. Second, I cannot agree that anything with a JarJar in it can actually be considered Star Wars.


The jedi are extinct; their fire has gone out of the universe.


Just a plug: that’s an awesome museum. If you’re in DC, make time for it. Go early to the cafe, though. I was there closer to closing, and most of the “regions” were shut down already.


Luke Windtalker ?


This is the closest I have found to a trailer. It’s actually a short video about why this is an important event but there are clips in it and some interviews with the voice actors.


I don’t think there are any that are INHERENTLY racist (Well, OK, Jar-Jar and the Nemoidans kinda skirt the line, to put it nicely, but they’re not in Episode IV), but you know some asshole’s gonna try and make a ‘native’ Stormtrooper or Darth Vader by taking the armor and gluing feathers and stuff to it.


It’d be really cool. But even better would be horror movie in Navaho. Even a clip.

My roommate in college was Navaho. He’d have bad dreams and talk in his sleep. Waking up in the dark to an agitated stream of Navaho can be really, uh, disconcerting. Makes latin sound down right pedestrian. The same phrase in in Navaho would sound like truly taping into something ancient and fundamental.


You’ve not experienced Star Wars until you’ve seen it in the original Navajo.


Sniff. I’ll wait for the Navajo-subtitled version to come out, thank you.


You mean dressing up like Jar Jar Binks?


Never cross the streams!

I think it’s interesting that there was no way to express “To be, or not to be,” in Klingon, until Christopher Plummer insisted that translating it to “to die, or not to die,” was unacceptable. Klingons don’t seem to suffer from existential crises, though.


I honestly never thought of Jar Jar being a racist stereotype until a gibbering racist pointed it out to me.

And I figure if George Takei can play a Neimoidian, I don’t have a right to criticize.


This guy gets it. No, no characters in New Hope are inherently racist (I don’t know where anyone got this; I never said this), but people hear “native” and “costume” and stupidity ensues.