Disney+ adds Navajo language dubbing to STAR WARS

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Who is Robert Ebert and why does his link go to Roger Ebert’s website?



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These aren’t the short metal things that are alive you’re looking for.


Damn I wish my clumsy fingers had typed Robert Eger and really went all the way with the Mandella Effect.


This is pretty fucking cool

I only remember a couple Potawatomi words… my distant cousin is actually the language director for the tribe. They have an online self directing course for kids I am trying to get my kid to take for a language credit. She already takes latin for fun.


Do they have separate categories for Extra, Omake and Lagniappe?

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I was surprised that there isn’t a Navajo equivalent for, “Your Highness”.

I wonder if they’ll ever release a dub in Kalenjin or Kikuyu. Apparently the Kenyan movie audiences really went nuts to hear Nein Nunb speak their native language in ROTJ, but that was just a few lines.

Do they send over a GI to shoot the TV if it’s in danger of capture by the enemy?

“The Thousand-Year Falcon” does sound like it could be some kind of Navajo spirit deity.


This is interesting, C-3PO was originally a very foppish English (not British) effeminate male voice/accent a signifier of a subservience to the upper classes. Dick Van Dyke’s ridiculous accent was neither a man nor a child’s, alwatst a ‘chim chiminy’ removed from any reality.

The camp in C-3PO is strong and transcends the genre and the cultural source far, far away…

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