Star Wars: Episode IV, the massive infographic


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I thought this was amazing, back then…


Obi Wan: “This is your father’s light saber. An elegant weapon for a more civilized age. He murdered 30 children with it. For over a thousand generations…”

Luke: “What?”


Did you see the latest Agents’ of Shield? Can’t say more without spoiling something. But I literally lol’ed.


Strange. All I saw was a massive infographic of Star Wars. What is this Episode IV thing you speak of? /s




Warning: Do not take internally


This thing is clever, but I can’t imagine the investment of time!


They’ve been working on it since 1979.


I’m looking forward to the infographic explaining the Holiday Special


Am I to take this section to mean that Humans in Star Wars breath CO2?


I think of it as a 2D vertical scroller.


Inexplicably, this infographic adheres to Lucas’ Special Edition rather than the original release. Eg:

You’d think a fan-based product would get it right and ignore the blasphemy that is the Special Edition. Plus, for such a comprehensive and labor-intensive work, it has a lot of typos and omissions (“TK-412” instead of “TK-421”, Into the garbage chute “wise guy” instead of “fly guy”, omitting “Boring conversation anyway…” from “Luke, we’re going to have company!”). So, I’ll be waiting for



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