Star Wars fans: You have to see this animated ASCII remake of Episode IV

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Well, it’s no Deep ASCII.

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Those 18-plus minutes manage to cover almost 40 percent of the original.

The original isn’t 45 minutes long, I don’t think.

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So by “Episode IV,” you in fact mean “Star Wars?”


You can also watch this (perhaps an older version of it) via telnet - telnet to and sit back…


Came here to post this, thank you! :slight_smile:

Ooh, apparently there’s color effects and extra stuff for IPv6 telnet?

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I think that’s what the line is implying by saying it’s NOT a one for one match. 18 minutes manages to cover 40% of the original, so it’s obviously covering it much faster.

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Remember , the collaborative effort to re-create Episode IV in 15-second segments? I never did get around to watching the Empire Strikes Back effort.

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I’m surprised Disney hasn’t forced a takedown of this.


WTF is Episode IV?


Some minor errors, but damn impressive amount of work on this. Neat!

I doubt the Internet will ever be completely free from rumors that running “telnet” is a super-seekrit Windows easter egg.

Then again, Windows easter eggs are largely a feature of a bygone era. (And what a pity it is.)

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Meh, pass. I remember the original telnet version of ASCII Star Wars.


Oh, we need the old Pixelmash animations here too.

Remember those times when people cared about bandwidth and storage space and it was neat to see just how tiny you could make an animated GIF? Haha, so cray.

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Ha. Woops. Just tried to do a whois

Old habbits die hard.

I just wet myself seeing ampersands used for Leia’s side buns :joy:

Amazing. Er, I mean:


Watched the whole thing and was impressed.

And I still can’t figure out formatting on web forms where it doesn’t separate my writing into double spaced lines cutting my sentences in half.

If I go to hell there will be a special room created for me to try to make this correctly with proper formatting

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