Star Wars Heels


Well sure, but she’s Amanda Fucking Palmer ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Or perhaps the…space opera?

Yay! I made a pun and it wasn’t lewd. I knew I had it in me [pats self on back].



  • My name is Japhroaig, and I endorse this dress.


A more elegant dress for a more civilized age :slight_smile:


Whaaaat? No Croc Martens?

  1. @manybellsdown on design
  2. @japhroaig on product placement tie-in deals
  3. @GulliverFoyle on marketing spots
  4. @piratejenny as spokes-model
  5. @Melizmatic as art department
  6. […] as legal against Disney and Lucas Arts
  7. Profit!!!



I love Irregular Choice sooooo much!
I was so sad to go into their store in Camden and it was all Star Wars or wedding shoes… alas… at least we have the Internet!


It’s more styrofoam than leather now… twisted and evil.



And damn her if she giggles. Damn her double if she laughs.
Goth girls like it when you double-damn it twice fast.



That angle makes my toes hurt looking at it.


That’s true of pretty much all heels.

But the rope design is well done.


Fair point. Going back up thread there are others with a similar angle. Maybe not as pencil thin a heel though. Those just look painful.


Of course.

Any amount of slope is bad for the feet, spine and one’s overall posture, but the more extreme the angle, the worse the long term effects are.



Something like this, perhaps?


It took me a moment to even recognize that as a shoe.

It looks more like some sort of protective sports gear for shoulders.