Star Wars Heels


Day-um! My wife would love a pair of these. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear that they’re still selling them, if they ever actually did.


Irregular Choice has Star Wars shoes galore. I know ThinkGeek and Modcloth have sold them. I’m dying for a pair of Artoo heels but they ain’t cheap.


Yikes, that was a lot of overpriced tacky.


Yeah, even in the Fan Feet collection, these are the one’s I think are elegant, in addition to the Organa…

The Emperor is debatable…

These ones could work as part of a costume, but probably not everyday wear…


I am a sucker for ridiculous shoes.

(That sit in boxes in my closet because I never have anyplace to wear them)


Those are much more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but probably still overpriced.

That’s my issue; I need some practicality.


Probably. The site does sell shoes, but I’m not sure those ones aren’t just demos. I can’t find anywhere on the site where they’re even listed with prices.


I think you’re right; only the sports teams shoes are priced.



I said practical, not retina searingly HIDEOUS.

Of the shoes shown so far, I’d rock the Emperor and Vader.

(I don’t do white, ever. It’s like begging to be a stain magnet.)





Heh, story time!

I was out at a vineyard yesterday and my lady pal had a white dress on. She too brought up Stain Magnet in regards to red wine (as this was kind of a red wine event), so had to teach her a maneuver I thought everyone knew: the Spill Forward.

When in doubt, redirect all spills Forward, preferably to someone else also wearing white. I then gave a number of demonstrations on how to do this. Haven’t stained a white garment (of my own) in years.


I grok ‘Spill Forward,’ I do.

And if I were not a frequent conduit for channeling Jack Tripper, that might even help the predicament, but alas…


“And that was the last anyone heard from Mario Batali…”


I’m thankful I’m one of those few people who look okay in a Bordeaux collared shirt.


A friend of mine came up with a term for these: extracurricular shoes.

I bet I could find an occasion to wear those R2-D2 shoes. Hell, I’d wear them to the opera.


Amanda Palmer’s Vader heels…


Have I ever shown you guys my bedsheet dress? Because that’s what I need em for.