"Star Wars Jedi: Survivor" is one of the best games I've ever played

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I’m not sure I’d call SWJ:S the best game I’ve ever played. however, and in spite of bugs and glitches and the fact that it does a jerky 30fps on my computer (disclaimer: my computer rightfully struggles to run the game smoothly because it’s just not powerful enough to do that, not because of the bugs that cause it on powerful systems)… it’s really cool. It’s not like ‘amazing gameplay deep roleplaying system blah blah blah’ kind of game. It’s … it’s a playable star wars movie with really cool-looking environments, good voice acting for major characters, and it’s fun mowing down enemies using my Laser Sword™. I absolutely love how it looks. It is AAAA-quality in the visual design department.

I was playing on the ‘Jedi Padawan’ difficulty and for laughs and cuz I want to actually finish the game, I put it on story mode and found that to be actually a bit more fun. I had read in some review for the first game, that the reviewer found it more engaging to be a complete overpowered jedi badass than to have to struggle to kill space cows. I think I agree. I don’t want to ‘git gud’ to be a Jedi. Survivor features what are basically space chickens that peck something like a third of your health down. I can make the imperial enemy attack each other with my mind; I’ll one-hit my space chickens, thanks.

I would like to point out that as negatives, the overall ‘game design’ is 100% derivative of Uncharted, Tomb Raider, and FromSoft games and it’s blatantly obvious. That’s fine, since Star Wars itself is 100% derivative of other stuff :wink:

Also, even though it’s got the same gameplay as Tomb Raider where you squeeze through narrow passages and parkour climb all over surprisingly strong weeds and netting… I think that’s fun. I have a great time pretending I’m a space lizard with sticky feet.


This game is on par with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic fantastic.

That is very high praise! Damn, I loved that game when it came out…

I made up my mind to finish Fallen Order. I may have started this weekend, but I found out the last season of Better Call Saul was on Netflix and I binged the fuck out of that…

My brother has a habit of buying me hard copies of games, so maybe Ill ask for this this yes for Christmas, if I don’t get antsy and buy it.


I’ll say it again: wake me when they release a version that runs natively on Apple silicon.

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