An epic trailer for 'Star Wars Jedi: Survivor'

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I STILL need to dust off Fallen Order and finish it. Not that I wasn’t having fun but my gaming has been more casual, get in and get out - not follow a story line or puzzles.


“That boy is our only hope.”
“No. There is another … dozen or so. Lost track, I have.”


That EA logo tips me off that these are games.

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I stopped playing it fairly early because it was (from memory) a bit too much “you will go this way and this way only” and WAY too much “quicktime events” of “you must push this button at EXACTLY this second or fail” which my old hands can’t do, due to too much nerve damage.

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It’s kind of a problem when in the main plotline, there are extremely limited numbers of Sith and Jedi. (The Sith due to the Rule of Two and Spares, and post Order 66, no Jedi except for Old Weird Ben and the farmboy that he’s grooming. Oh, and Yoda, but he’s camped in a Force-balanced swamp.)

Every added storyline introduces more of then, and then has to explain (or not) why they didn’t count, in a manner of speaking.

  • By Empire, they were off in the Erewhon Region.
  • She was no longer a Jedi.
  • Starkiller who?
  • We don’t talk about Master Brunonono.

“Look out Mister Vader, there’s another Jedi!”
“I see no Jedi.”
“He’s behind you!”

I don’t remember quicklime events - or if there was they weren’t that many? (does it depend on the platform?) I remember Forced Unleashed had a lot of quicktime events.

Yes it is on rails to a degree, but you can explore out of order some. You just have to go back so you can access areas you previously could not.

I was playing on medium level and I realized unlike previous Jedi games, you have to have some strategy, you can’t just hack and slash your way through. Though if i was playing on easy mode, maybe i could?

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