Watch the Jedi die in this collection of Order 66 murders

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Yes it’s relevant…


I can’t watch the whole thing, but I hated the end of the Yoda scene with the two wookies. They obviously had only so much green screen space and thus were taking these little shuffle steps. Almost like jogging in place, instead of a natural stride.

I enjoy the resistance Ahsoka has to killing her friends, the clones, vs Yoda who just beheads them and moves on.

Yoda is turning out to be space Archie Bunker who was always just talking and thinking he was right while the rest of us were supposed to know he was an old dated fool doing it all wrong.

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Go figure, it’s the only time when the stormtroopers can actually hit anything.

They weren’t real Jedi, just crisis actors.

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Pretty sure Vader and his inquistors made sure any jedi left were rooted out and dealt with. Filoni has taken great care to make sure any Jedi around post order 66 are out of the way come RotJ.

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All of Anakin’s closest associates in the Jedi order survived order 66 (Obi-wan, Yoda and Asoka), and Asoka was still active years after Return of the Jedi. If they were able to remain alive and undetected all those years then surely others could have done so as well.


So why then did we not see any other Jedi rise up against the emperor and help out? As we have already seen in comics and Rebels, Vader hunted down all the missing jedi.

Side note: Ahsoka was no longer a jedi and for a good chunk of time was stuck inside a jedi temple and not a part of normal space/time. Yoda was able to hide himself due to his strength in the force. We will have to see how the upcoming Obi Wan show deals with his hiding.

Edit: but sure, if Lucasfilm wants to tell another tale in between eps 3 and 4 of some random jedi out there then they are more than welcome to. I just feel they have covered this territory pretty well already.

Bad writing and convenient retconning, mostly.

When the first Star Wars movie came out it was strongly implied that Vader and Obi-wan were the last two survivors of the Jedi order. Tarkin even states so explicitly:

The Jedi are extinct. Their fire has gone out of the universe. You, my friend, are all that’s left of their religion.

Every other Jedi—including Yoda—was basically retconned in later. There’s nothing to stop the franchise from continuing to do so with additional characters.


I want to know why the Jedi were mostly forgotten after 20 years or less.

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  1. Imperial propaganda
  2. There weren’t that many Jedi. Easy to forget when most people in their lifetimes have never seen one

I got the sense that Yoda could feel what was going on, and just did what he had to. The Clone Troopers who were loyal to him and the Republic now had no second thoughts about trying to kill him, so why should he hesitate?

Though the Clone Wars showed some of the Jedi and other Republic leaders viewed Clones as expendable as droids. The 4 part story of the battle on Umbara was the story line that showcased that the most. In it a new Jedi General took over command and Anakin was dismayed at his wanton disregard for life. Soviet level losses were OK as long as the objective was complete.

I don’t think Yoda fell under that category though, as he was seen trying to minimize Trooper losses in several episodes, including Ambush.

Dunno if you have watched the Bad Batch yet, but it takes place just as Order 66 issued and it definitely is an interesting time.

The galaxy is huge. Most of the main players were killed off. A handful of former Jedi, partially trained padawans, and non-Jedi Force users still crop op in stories, though. But unless they were directly working for the rebellion - and the main arm of the rebellion seen in the movies - they could have been half way across the galaxy and never knew what was going on until after it happened.

The real answer someone like Ashoka didn’t help out in RotJ or sooner is because she hadn’t been invented yet. But the in universe reasoning is just that she was doing different things and able to avoid Vader or any of the other Inquisitors.

Also note - the dark side doesn’t seem to have a problem finding Force users when it is called for. The Imperial Royal Guard were all supposed to be Force Attuned, for example. And since the movies, there have been many force users on the Dark Side used to hunt down Jedi or do the Empire’s bidding.

The Jedi were destroyed - new Force users were being born every day.

Chock full of midichlorians!

I blame Disney.

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Yeah, I think Jedi are best seen as a one in a billion case, with few known temples and many worlds where no Jedi had set foot on in generations.

In a way, The Last Jedi does explain how several Jedi could have survived the inquisitions, by cutting themselves off from the Force. And it also showed how those attuned to the Force need not be Jedi – some are simply going with the flow, using their abilities to live their lives. So there is that.

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