Darth Vader and Ahsoka Tano set to face off in 'Star Wars Rebels' season 2 closer

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Dude, spoilers!


One has to wonder if Ashoka will survive or not… things could get pretty dark in a few days.


I can’t see her living to the end of the series, whether she dies now or later on. He can’t let that loose end go free.


I’m gonna say it right now: the whole concept of Ahsoka’s character didn’t make sense from the get-go. Number one, Anakin is still a young man who is clearly still under Obi-Wan’s tutelage during the Clone Wars so it seems weird that he would be entrusted with a Palawan of his own. Number two, for a character who was supposedly such a big part of Anakin’s life it’s a bit odd that she doesn’t come up even once in any of the films.

Emperor: So did you kill all the Jedi Padawans like I asked?
Anakin: Totally. There’s a big pile of dead kids right next door.
Emperor: Even your intern, whatshername? The one who is always dressed like she’s going to yoga class?
Anakin: Oh, totally slipped my mind.


Ahsoka. Not Ashoka.

  1. He was techincally a Knight, IIRC, which means he starts training someone. Sorta like a grad student teaching a 101 level class.

  2. That isn’t really that odd. There are probably many important people in Anakin’s life, or Obi Wans, that don’t get mentioned in the films. You only have ~6 hrs of prequels. You want him to wax on about his favorite teacher? Hell there are so many MORE odd things besides not mentioning Ahsoka (which would have only happened in the Revenge of the Sith film). Like, why wasn’t he in contact with his mom or make an effort to free her? Amidalla could have gotten her out of slavery and used her as a servant or something. Dorm mom at the academy? Just let her go free to do what ever? ANYTHING other than literally having no idea where she was for 10 years (or however many it was).


Ahsoka quit the Jedi Order by then. So she wouldn’t have been in the temple, and wasn’t part of the Jedi any more.

Remember there are other force users in the Star Wars universe that aren’t Sith or Jedi.

I thought that wasn’t right…


Fixed. TY

Nitpick: those were Younglings, not Padawans.

Whatevs. They all looked like pretty, pretty sunflowers to me.


Ah, so [desu] ka?

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It fits with the films. You’re talking about someone who forgot about his enslaved mother for a whole decade.

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Imagine how different galactic history would have played out if he’d decided to visit her grave at the Lars homestead even once during the 19 years following Episode III. (Seriously, Obi-Wan has a whole galaxy to hide the kid in and leaves Luke with the only family in the Universe that Anakin has any reason to visit?)

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Anakin: Technically not a jedi since she was drummed out of the order. SHe didn’t leave a forwarding address.

Maybe you can help – my friends and I were trying to suss out the timeline the other day. She mentioned that the last time she saw Anakin, he was “heading off to help the Emperor” and then “things got bad and they started hunting Jedi”. How close to the final confrontation with Palpatine was it when she quit the Order and took off?

From Clone Wars, it seemed maybe weeks to months? Last time she saw Anakin, I think, was her saying “No thanks, I don’t want to be a Jedi, I got some shit to work out.” in the trailer.

That would make sense. The series was supposed to neatly bridge the gap between Episodes II and III, so that’d fit the timeline.

I don’t know exactly. I tried to google it, but I think they purposely leave some stuff nebulous so they can always fit in another story down the line.

JLW’s estimate of months I think is most accurate. It is set between Clone Wars and Revenge of the Sith. At any rate, she was no longer with the Jedi or the Clone Wars and escaped Order 66 that way.

She knew he was buddy-buddy with the Palpatine, who later became the Emperor, so that is where that line comes from.

Of course with story telling like this, there is always room for more stories. Some times non-linear story telling can warp your perception of story time. Like Empire Strike Back. How long did Luke train with Yoda? I contend it had to be months for him to have any hope of learning enough. Though with the editing they made it seem like what was doing on and Bespin/Dagobah was sort of a “meanwhile” timeline. I contend Dagobah was clips from months, and the whole Bespin adventure was a few days.

Remember they had no hyper drive. So while technically it would have been impossible to get to another star system in any timely manner with out FTL, let’s pretend somehow they could. It could have taken months and the slower speed to get to Bespin.

We don’t know how long they were tortured, either.

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