A fan trailer for Ahsoka: A Star Wars Story

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It was interesting seeing Clone Wars/Rebels trying to build an arc for Anakin that made sense, but they were definitely hamstrung by the canon they had to work with. Luckily, they ended up giving us Ahsoka, arguably the best and most fully realized character in the entire Star Wars universe.


Her existence brings up a whole mess of other continuity problems though; if she was really that important of a figure in Anakin’s life then she should have got at least a mention in the prequel movies.

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Very true. Although a lot of Clone Wars was retconning the prequels, to some extent or other. Ahsoka’s a big thing to have be missing, but certainly the prequels would only have been better if she’d been in them.

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I think the Clone Wars new season will tell us where she was during Order 66 and try to make it make more sense.

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Thats why I tend to ignore the prequel trilogy and just enjoy The Clone Wars cartoon instead. Annakin’s fall and the rise of Vader already played out way better in my head as a kid than Lucas’ delivered in the prequels.


The entire retcon of Annikon being eaten by/killed by/ becoming Vader - is so kludgy, it completely contradicts a huge, satisfying chunk of the episode 4 back story.

Back in the day I would have said you could salvage the whole thing by saying Vader earnestly believed himself to be Luke’s father… but that was just one of the ways the Emperor used to mindfuck him.

It’s so much easier to believe that the Sith would lie to each other, than to believe that Kenobi would get sucked into such a cowardly, clumsy shading of the truth.

By this time, the whole franchise has dug itself into supporting Kenobi’s lie, I doubt anything short of a reboot could resolve the time paradox. But if JJ Abrams can rewrite the fate of planet Vulcan, someone else can surely do something similar with Vader.

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