Star Wars Red Squadron DOT approved motorcycle helmet


This is a really good movie, you might want to see it. We will get around to blogging a review soon.


Oh memories… had a friend who ditched school mostly for his birthday but he got in line at the box office that day and scored us all tickets for opening day on a 70mm screen. I do not remember if I took the bus or got a ride with a friend right after school. Good times.


I pestered my father into taking me to all three on first release, many times.

For the 25th re-release big festival at the Mann Chinese I waited in line for a day or so and bought tickets for 25-30 friends. Folks came in from all over and it was a crazy party at my place for a few days.

Force Awakens was a big deal with my daughter and I tho. Rogue One as well.


I’m not so eager to find out first hand. The Kabuto I have isn’t even “expensive” per local pricing for a full helmet but the cheap ones are basically hardened kippahs and that just won’t do in my opinion.


Unless the vendor is lying about their DOT or CE certification, that hardened kippah redirected the same energy away from a test-dummy head as your Kabuto did is all.


at the Boba price point, may as well go all the way


Sure but if you kiss road or steel that force is happening in more than just skull cap covered area thus my preference for full helmet.

To each their own really.


I made an X-wing pilot helmet out of an HJC full face back in the day, with reflective tape and custom cut rebel symbol vinyl stickers. I even got the yellow faceplate.

My head and face did fine when the truck hit me, I have no problem with HJC helmets. Shoulder, elbow, ribs, and knee, not so much.


Glad you are still with us despite the truck’s efforts.


I agree – In this post, and pretty much every other that mentions a helmet, I mention my preference for a full face helmet.



He’s just saying the test is standardized. You may well be correct, but to the test, if they pass they are equivalent. You have additional personal tests, which is awesome and smart. But the DOT is a pass/fail. If both pass they both offer the same protection (sufficient, per DOT).

Different ways to say the same thing? This strikes me as a great opportunity for the ‘yes, and…’ because you agree with him that the lesser ones protect AND you prefer what you think (but cannot be certified by DOT) as better protection. Everyone wins, nobody is incorrect!


** Head Just Cracked


No, but neither is it a direct relationship.


I fully understand the pass/fail aspect of the DOT test. The equivalent certification here in Japan works the same.

This one

has the same certification as this one

given a strike of equal force on the same point, both will pass the test.

To each their own is more applicable to the question of “given a strike of equal force on an area covered or not covered by a different type of helmet is the riders choice”


Totally useless in the cold vacuum of space.


Remember: No Capes!


Well, there goes the “Batman on his Bat-Cycle Look”.


sometimes I just want to just go

and the local supermarket is out of snowballs too

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