Star Wars: Visions — watch the fantastic trailer for the new anime series

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I am all over this with both feet .I didn’t realized this was coming out.

Fuck yeah, Boba Fett!

Who ever the fuck this guy is, I am all over. It looks like an RA-7 droid.


Appropriate that the franchise is coming full circle back to the land of The Hidden Fortress.


Also - in this vein, someone did an amazing fan animation using an Anime style. (It’s and older style, but it checks out.)

This was awhile ago and I always thought it looked AMAZING. They could have made this a series and I’d be all over it too. I hope this guy is getting paid to do amazing things.


This is on the same level of cool as The Animatrix was. Putting a franchise like Star Wars into the hands of creatives with a different cultural base from its original creators is always going to lead to interesting output.


That voice talent list looks incredible! Excited for this.

And this is one of the most anime things I’ve ever seen:


“How many blades does my lightsabre have? All of them. ALL THE BLADES!!!” :robot:

This does look pretty darn neat; and the John Williams’ score does its usual job of ramping up the excitement.


Looks pretty awesome but I was kind of surprised to not see a single scene featuring Mr. Spock? Seems like his character and facial features would work well in the anime style.

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