Starred review in Kirkus for INFORMATION DOESN'T WANT TO BE FREE, Cory's next book


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I respect that you are working hard, trying to get yourself out there, have some decent and thoughtful inputs to topics of import - but every time I see you speak about yourself in the third person by posting your own article about yourself it invokes some kind of primal negative feeling within me, and I doubt it’s just me.

Keep up the good work, and please find a buddy to cheer-lead for you…or don’t do it in the 3rd person…

I’l happily accept you just telling me that you will be at a place, at a time, doing a thing, selling a widget.

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Oh for Christ’s sake fuck off. What kind of waste of oxygen joins up under a new alias as soon as his Cory alert goes off and contributes this patronising drivel?




Me, I hope that you don’t ever becomes President. (Well, can’t happen, you’re a Canuck.) The position seems to have evidently has a corrupting influence; look at almost all the presidents (and Secretaries of State).

Yes, the president of the internet would most likely be Chinese.

I heartily second that, with belching gusto. Tell Mr. Ford you’ve been spotted.

@doctorow congrats - can’t wait. My kids just got through Zita the Spacegirl (1 to 3), the elder wanting to move straight onto Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (the title misled her - she thought it sounded like a comedy), but as their interest grows I’m edging towards Little Brother for them first.

I think you mean “Premier Beyond the Wall”.

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Thank you! And best to the kids!

Thank you!

and thank you for the literary pathway. Brilliant book suggestions and great authorship!

I just read the Foundation Trilogy (Asimov). Wow.

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I’m lucky to work in a library where I think this book will not only be a valuable resource, but should be required reading for staff as we work to navigate an information universe that’s very different from the one most of us started in, and is still in a state of radical change.

I was going to read the review but figured, Why bother? I’m going to read the book anyway!

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Ne, mi estas Usonano.

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