State Department willing to overlook Malaysia's mass graves for the sake of TPP

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dafuq … who made that graphic? They must be unfamiliar with the concept encapsulated by the middle ‘P’ in TPP … and the ‘T’, come to think of it. The TPP is bad, really bad, but that’s no excuse for such a bad graphic.

Edit: I just noticed … how in the hell did Tasmania manage to exempt themselves from this boondoggle?


Surprise, senators! Upgrading Malaysia could not possibly “weaken the U.S. government’s international credibility on human rights issues.” The U.S. just got blasted by China for its human rights abuses. Are you kidding me? Go ahead and hook up with all the fascists you want. The cat’s out of the bag anyway.


TIP, TPP… probably an honest mistake!

It should be this one with the entirely unnecessary Europe, Middle East and Africa edited out. Plenty of space in the Southern Ocean for the TPP logo too …


Yet another reason - as if we needed more - why we’re not doing that.

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C’mon world, just the TPP


The graphic was made by the EFF, as part of an infographic:

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