State of Georgia goes to court to defend voting machines that recorded 243% voter turnouts


And yet, I’ve seen nothing about it in the news. You can’t convince me that polling could be that wrong, and IIRC, that 44-41 poll was done after the supposedly damning tape of Cagle. The AJC article announcing Kemp the winner of the primary didn’t even have vote number results. Weird.


Habersham County is in the middle of nowhere, but it still has over 40,000 people divided among seven precincts. 276 registered voters is obviously wrong.

As a Georgia voter I agree the machines are awful.


Dude, projection is what they do. It may be the only thing that they do. Every single thing they gin up to accuse the dems turns out to be something they are actively engaged in themselves. How many “family values” anti LGBT repubs have proceeded to out themselves later on?


They aren’t so much concerned with “one person casts multiple ballots all over the state” as they are all those “illegals” (as they call them) voting …for Democrats, of course. You know – that’s how 45* lost the popular vote. He will never, ever admit Russia had a part in his election; his ego couldn’t stand it.


Kemp had two huge voter info data breaches while he was Secretary of State. I’m calling bullshit. NW GA has a Congressman in the Capone family.
Stacy Abrams has the electoral chance of a snowball in South Miami.

Georgia has always been crooked as a basket of rattlesnakes, and that appeals to the ignorant. The South’s Original Sin is that they stole workers’ pay, lives, and liberty and got away with it for centuries. That has created a climate of tolerance for every sort of dishonesty and denial.




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