Statue kicks man for taking money


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That has to be the slowest grab and dash I have ever seen.


fast moving persons are suspicious - and how could he know that the statue can move? ; )


FUNFACT: All the statues in NYC can do this. Just try stealin’ Lady Liberty’s tips and see what happens.


What a brazen thief. Man I hate thieves.


She’ll single shot drop kick your sad ass all the way to Staten Island… which actually, explains much


French girls *sigh*


Pretty funny, but would have even been better if he had managed to kick the guy in the face… ROBOT-STYLE!


Really awkwardly?

They’ve been practicing, though.


Kung Fu skills noted!


There’s a woman sitting on a milk carton a few feet away who also seems to be keeping an eye on things. I wonder what her role is?


I think she’s a friend/significant other? I imagine you need to have some backup because it’s always hard to deal with multiple people.

By multiple people, I mean it seems Cash-Grabbing Man appears to be urged on by Milkshake Man until Milkshake Man realizes Statue Man is going to fight back, and decides to “remove himself from the scene, man.”


He was merely retrieving his own tip after the robot moved. Then he was going to return other people’s tips to them. It’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOO obvious.


Popobawa’s humorous flaky eyesight free-association fail, number infinity-1 (the focus group (hehe) must draft a catchier name for this) I actually thought it said:

Statue kicks man for talking monkey

I hope glasses will help, but it is still frequently amusing.


Obligatorily, one of the great scenes in movie history…


And if you blink, you’ll miss it…


I see a federal offense being committed…and it involves a plastic USPS mail bin and some silver spray paint.


Damn, the Karate Bot’s setting up his Crane Kick! Stand back!


Sweep the leg.


Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.