Statue punishes people who give it eye contact


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At least it’s not as bad as that statue that turns you into part of the collection when you make eye contact.


This is the sort of art I like. Art that makes you flinch. We need more of that in our culture.


You’d love to hear me sing.


Statue punishes people who give it eye contact

So it’s a cop?


So it’s risk a jet of water, or look away and let the angels come back?

Easy choice:


wow wtf


No, it’s a Basic Military Training Tech Sergeant.


It’s funny. . . when I first glanced at the title, I read it as “State punishes people who give eye contact.”

I thought it was a story about a bad cop!


I’m thinking of a sculpture with scythes requiring penitence but Health & Safety might veto it.


Step 2: Remove the glass.


The little Belgian boy could use this.


I now wonder how people would react to a large red button on a stand with a plaque reading “DO NOT PRESS”


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