Stephen Colbert connects hip hop song verses to Tolkien via Gilbert and Sullivan


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I smell awesomeness!


Whoa. That’s awesome. I’m kind of a big Tolkien nerd, but I learned some things there.


Two of my favorite songs sang to the tune of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Major-General’s Song:
Randall Munroe’s Every Major’s Terrible:
Yakko’s I am the very model of a Cartoon Individual:
Okay, make it three, there’s also Tom Lehrer’s The Elements:


That was awesome; brilliant guy.


whoa. even for those of us who love Tolkien, he’s too good for this world.


Wow! What a dork!


“Lehrer” (I typo like a mofo, so please feel free to correct me any time I ef up).

That said, great examples.




that was positively delightful.


What the hell? He’s singing it in English?


I know! What a poser, right?!?



Can’t wait for his version of The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.


My mind. It has been blown so hard. Thank you, Stephen. Thank you, Boing Boing.


And also Randy Rainbow’s ‘A Very Stable Genius’:


What is the best source though? Sindarin? Quenya?







More evidence for my theory that modern rap music is, at least partially, derived from Gilbert and Sullivan patter songs.

And, of course, the Dozens.