Watch Ziggy Marley, Chance The Rapper, Jon Batiste, and Stephen Colbert remake the Arthur theme song


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That was legitimately great


I needed that. Thanks.


My kids do not watch this show as much as I would like them to.

I love the theme song, too.

It’s a deeply weird show.


I watched that show as a grown-up adult person and loved it.


must be all the happy mutagens you’re exposed to on the BBS


I suppose the Venn diagram for “watched Arthur” and “reads the BBS” has a pretty deep overlap.


That was great, I needed that.

Probably, I watched a few episodes of it. Don’t forget the Magic School Bus



I never liked it, and finally another parent made a point that clarified for me what my problem was: the “kids” in that show are always yelling at and being mean to each other.

It’s supposed to be about middle schoolers, but it’s watched by younger kids. No, that’s not how you’re supposed to act when you’re that age.


Like Cailllou, where the kid whines all the time.

Kids aren’t supposed to do that on TV, we get enough of it at home!



Never saw it!


So I used to watch this with my daughter. And I rewrote the lyrics

Everyday when your walking down the street
Hunting the evening meat
And you kill a young badger

And I say Hey, tonight we eat badger meat
It’s succulent and sweet
And it tastes a lot like chicken



What I expected


plug for the Arthur “Got To Sleep” song


I loved Arthur and spent many hours watching it with my oldest daughter. My youngest daughter never really got into it.

My personal favorite song was “Jekyll and Hyde”. (The library song).

Don’t speak badly of Arthur! If you think they yelled at each other you should just switch to the BooBahs or Tellitubbies since Arthur apparently has a little too much realism for you.

I did hate that little bald-headed whiner Caillou though.


Sir John Gielgud was by far the best thing in it.

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