Steve Bannon dinner tickets discounted to $0


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There’s no possible way people who HATE Bannon would “buy” those $0 tickets and go heckle him, is there?




I wouldn’t go even if they were paying me to go.


Beautiful. Free lunches for the cost externalization crowd.


That’s going to be the Hillsborough County Republican Party’s next step. At least Bannon’s fellow gin-blossomed derelicts will be paid to enjoy a free meal.


Maybe instead of selling tickets to a Steve Bannon dinner, the GOP could raise money for its platform of privilege, intolerance and isolationism by marketing a Steve Bannon diet.

  • Step 1 - purchase the Steve Bannon diet from the GOP for $100,000.00

  • Step 2- The Steve Bannon Diet will be shipped to you through the mail (our Dear Leader brokered a sweetheart deal with the USPS). When it arrives, remove the life-sized, high resolution copy of this photo from the package and tape it to the refrigerator.

  • Step 3 - Bid a fond adieu to your appetite and watch the pounds melt away!

Additional diet modules are available for a modest fee if the Steve Bannon module proves insufficient for your needs. Aversive display materials include Wilbur Ross, Kellyanne Conway, John Bolton, and of course, the Big Limburger himself, Donald Trump. Buy all the modules together at a discounted price and never eat again!


Remember when everyone was acting like this guy was Trump’s Machiavelli? That was funny.


I don’t think Machiavelli ever found a prince to take his advice.

Trump’s Machiavelli is the person who manages to get Trump’s attention while he phases through a listening stage. Just because Trump fired him doesn’t mean that Bannon wasn’t steering Trump up to that point.

(And he was suppose to be Ted Cruz’s Machiavelli. I wonder how that would have worked out?)


Please clap.




Bannon will go the way of Brietbart, dying alone the swollen poisoned dog that he is.


Geez Louise, he looks so much like a re-animated corpse of Boxcar Willie. But I guess that’s what happens when you come back without a soul.



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To me, Boxcar Willie is spitting image of a (further) sun-exposed (former FoxNews-crony and now WhiteHouse-crony) Bill Shine.


I was just thinking there’s a lot of potential there. I would totally show up to stir up shit and make a scene for $0.


Trump is his own Machiavelli, no?


Er, a resounding ‘NO’ there. Machiavelli was by all accounts well-educated. Even wrote a book all by himself.


Tampa Bay Times reports about 250 ppl attended. Organizers claim that half of them paid for tix (but not how much they paid).