Steve Bannon wants to deport Asian-born tech CEOs to preserve "civil society"

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Because of course is impossible to have civil society with people that are not white. And assholes.


I hate Steve Bannon and everything he stands for, but this headline is irresponsible and inaccurate.


Steve Bannon for Head Buggy Whip Salesman.


First it’s Cory so we expect a bit of clickbaity hyperbole from him. Second this is a blog not a news outlet so there is that too.
Also hey welcome to BoingBoing!


You’re right. The headline should read, “Steve Bannon is a Colossal Racist Coward”. Good catch.



So what’s the difference between a “civil” society (as per the headline) and a “civic” one (as per the quote)?

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Has anybody pointed out yet that Silicon Valley CEOs are not coming over on work visas?


Honestly, I don’t think Bannon could have meant “civic society” in any sense I can understand. A ‘civic society’ is an organization or club that aims to benefit the community it is in. At least that’s how the term is used in the UK (according to wikipedia) and around where I grew up. ‘Civic’ means relating to a local municipality, though searching some definitions I found it is also used to mean relating to citizens or citizenship. Since he wasn’t talking about municipal matters, the only definition that could fit would be “relating to citizens” but then it is a totally vacuous adjective to apply to “society” when talking about the country at large.

The best reading I can give is that the difference between “civic” and “civil” here is that “civil” is what he meant and “civic” is what he said.

ETA: Unless he was trying to point out that the Japanese, through Honda, already have undue influence on the nation?!?


It’s an interesting distinction. Even if we assume that Bannon is overprivileged and may have gotten into Harvard without the qualifications that a woman or person of color would have needed (I know… shocking), still, he’s probably smart enough to pick words carefully. In my MW dictionary, “civic” means “of or relating to a citizen, a city, citizenship, or community affairs.” That’s the whole thing. On the other hand, “civil” is much more wide-ranging. I won’t put the whole thing in here, but defs 1 and 4 apply here. They seem to be more or less interchangeable, but “civil” has additional meanings of politeness and “good” behavior which lend the word a positive resonance, where “civic” is dry and to the point. As for what he means by that, it’s confusing because he can’t say what he really means, so he is forced to say something adjacent to what he means, that isn’t quite on the nose. What he REALLY means is they can’t have America’s interests at heart because they’re not from here and don’t look like us. He’s smart enough to know that this would elicit gasps, so he says something that doesn’t quite mean that, but is vague and confusing enough to be inarguable. It’s a bona fide dog whistle.


Riddle me this, Batman: You want to stem the brain drain of intelligent people coming here, utilizing our universities, then returning to their homes in other countries. On the other hand, ‘Furriners get out!!111!!!’

This is the type of logic bomb that would lead to a computer system locking up in Star Trek. You’re just mad because you can’t literally chain them to something.


Thrump and Bannon, this is ethnic cleansing. Throw out the Spanish, the Muslims, and the Asians. What do you have left? White people and an oppressed black population just how white supremacists like it.

Make America Great Again for the white race!!!


No, he didn’t outright say it. He just hinted at it.


Not so fast there, steady now; he could maybe want to have them killed.


OH, well… that’s okay then. I mean, he just is worried about 2/3rds of CEOs being Asian, which is perfectly reasonable, I guess. Silly me. Seeing racism around every corner… /s


No Jews in his kids’ private schools, no Asians taking those tech CEO jobs away from real Americans. Don’t worry though, someone will be along here shortly to assure us that we shouldn’t worry about the President-elect’s chief strategist.


A post like this just gives nazi trolls a narrow legalistic argument to win, instead of focusing on the slightly vaguer but much more compelling argument that everything Bannon says comes across as full-blown unambiguous white supremacism.

Anyway, talking about this pus-weeping dog’s cock at all is a distasteful waste of time. It’s not like anyone needs help making up their mind about him.


Even if they weren’t, why on Earth would conservatives who claim to worship the mighty Job Creator not want a particularly talented person here on an H1B to create an American-based startup (besides racism, of course)?


Still - in a considering the recent condemnation of “fake news”, and it’s influence on people, IMHO, one should strive to be better.

Especially since there is a lot of legit criticism one can level at Bannon and Trump.