Steve Bannon wants to deport Asian-born tech CEOs to preserve "civil society"


And the ones who aren’t are coming in on “Investor Visas”.

You can literally buy your way to a Green Card provided you are not a plague carrier, terrorist, former secret policeman or crime lord.

  1. Conservatives generally don’t know jack shit about how the immigration system works. 99% of their platforms on the issue reflect deep ignorance of the system in general.

  2. A mighty Job Creator has their own visas. There are Investor Visas for people willing to put enough money into the US economy. Even Trump joked about this when he said certain ultra-wealthy Muslims are more than welcomed to come to the US. (Trump has investments in Dubai)

  3. Anti-immigration platforms appear designed to shoot the proponents intentions in the foot. Draconian enforcement measures only give a greater profit incentive to the underground economy of exploiting illegal alien labor. Limiting employment and family based visas cuts off the greatest strength of the US system, the constant infusion of ideas, money and people. Without rigorous immigration we would be seeing population decline and market shrinkage across the board. No developed country these days sustains itself without immigration (but many don’t admit to it)


Add point 4: Most of these wannabe John Galts couldn’t run a profitable business if their lives depended on it. If every last Asian, Jew, Latino, and African-American left the country these peasants would still be shoveling out the stables.

The right-wing populist answer to the demographic portion of your point 3, by the way, comes down to “moar white babbys.” It’s one of the unspoken agendas of the anti-choice movement.

Anyhow, that’s the point of my rhetorical question: it’s all about racism and white entitlement at the base, even before the ignorance about how business and government work comes into play.


Because hate Trumps everything for racists.


Once more:

You have a right to tell your elected officials what you think about Federal employees and policies.

Even if you are in a “red state” with a nut-job conservative congressional delegation, CALL AND / OR WRITE and let them know that a divisive, UNQUALIFIED, deeply flawed man like Bannon has no place in the White House.

You can get an email form and local office phone numbers for your rep and for your senators here:

Let them know that YOUR vote depends on THEIR positions and actions.

169 representatives and senators have signed a letter condemning Bannon’s appointment. A broader and sustained outpouring of objections can still help.


Hooboy! I’ve got to remember that for next week. If/when the dinner conversation turns to (right-leaning) politics, I’ll just chime in with “Wow, I was at the park and saw this pus-weeping dog’s cock yesterday…”
“How can you bring that up at the dinner table!?”
“Oh well when he brought up Trump, I figured it was ‘anything goes.’”


One thing I find interesting for a country of immigrants, is that for a long time there has been a back lash against waves of immigrants at various times of history. Chinese, Irish, Scottish, Catholics, Cubans, Vietnamese, Jews, and most notably now, Hispanics, have all had negative campaigns against them.

I guess once people “get theirs”, they have some self interest to keep it that way and not let a flux of foreigners fuck it up.

My dad’s ancestors all settles in central Texas in small Czech immigrant communities (Little Praha). Too bad they are gone for me to ask them if they got shit from the locals, or if they were remote enough to be left alone largely.


Sloppy headline writing vs. sloppy thinking.


This is a great book on just that topic (through Irish immigration):

David Roediger is interesting too and has a lot to say about class, race, and labor:

I haven’t read this one, but I read his other book, the Wages of Whiteness, which is great.

Also, short books! Easy to find time to read them…


I’ve read articles about the Irish. Good info as always, thanks. I wish I wasn’t such as slow reader.


Appalling misrepresentation, it’s good to know that boingboing has learned the briebart playbook so fast.yuck.


Can we go back to publicly shouting down anyone who comes out as a racist? You know, like if they are in public, following them and yelling at them. If they appear on TV, writing and calling the station (or provider) and insisting that they remove the channel/show because of a racist. Calling congress critters and demanding they come out against any racist they are seen dealing with… that sort of thing…


Can we deport Bannon back to… the internet?
I don’t like him interacting with the real world.


Calling something misrepresentation without saying what you think has been misrepresented is all smugness, no content. The story is that Bannon was uncomfortable with the number of Asian-born CEOs because of their Asian-ness. If there is some reason for me to think that is not true, I’d be interested to hear it.


Those appear to present an interesting history and worthwhile perspective to read. But I think they also imply a more significant strategy - that most USians are in fact not “white” by many possible standards. And if they become “white” by identifying with what becomes an arbitrary category, anybody else can do the same. If we stick to the “one drop” rule, then white people are a minority and we’ve already won. Yes, it is a cheap demographic move, but that seems to be the nature of the game.


I’ll agree with @anon74729030 insofar that it’s an obviously misleading headline. The real and more accurate headline …

“Steve Bannon wants fewer Asian-born tech CEOs so U.S. can preserve ‘civil society’”

… would have more than conveyed Bannon’s core awfulness. I’m not sure why @doctorow was compelled to provide the apologists and alt-right trolls an opening to distract from the story by using that headline. I’m sure we all would understand if he fixed it or transcribed a relevant quote and timecode from a long garbage Breitbart audio interview most of us would prefer not to waste time with.


There’s a philosophic concept known as civic republicanism

but I think someones’s terribly confused.


A) Boing Boing is no longer merely posts sorted by date - the definition of a blog.
B) Boing Boing is a commercial website where many people get daily news and commentary on everything from gadgets to politics.
C) Cory offers his posts as news and commentary relevant to current events and policy.

If it is wrong for the other guys to be misleading on their websites it’s wrong for Boing Boing. Like it or not, Boing Boing is a news outlet.


Yep, these kind of inaccurate, over the top heds drag in commenters to whinge about the hed instead of discuss the very serious and troubling issues in the actual story which is happening a lot here. @doctorow - distracting from your message with a false, hyperbolic hed is a terrible tactic if you care about the issues in your story.


That’s what I don’t get. Cory writes about topics that are important to me - stuff I want to read about. I don’t understand his continued use of often demonstrably false headlines that detract from the legitimately relevant and interesting body copy.