Steve Bannon wants to deport Asian-born tech CEOs to preserve "civil society"


No it isn’t. This article is exactly the same as the ‘dog whistle’ politics that the right wing often deploy.
Bannon has not called for Asian-born tech bosses to be deported.
If he had then that quote would be in the piece, It isn’t. Instead there are selectively drawn, out of context quotes.
Same playbook=same morals=same results.


Boingboing is also actually controlled by an llc domiciled in one of the world’s most secretive jurisdictions - delaware. Which is also highly ‘tax efficient’.


It does show up in Google News (sometimes), but that may just be because Google’s watching my clickety-clicks and serving up what they think I want to see* rather than their opinion of the website.

*For example, they no longer serve up headlines from WND, which they used to do every day. I had all but forgotten about WND until a couple of days ago.


Yup. It’s funny to find the “Boing Boing is just a blog” argument (even though BB dropped blog format a while ago) pulled out on the same website where I learned about how “new media” can make us all citizen journalists. Sites that are, or have been, in blog format, such as Brad Blog, Talking Points Memo or Techdirt, can be news outlets. Blog and news outlet are not mutually exclusive. Blog is just a format.


It’s still there, if you ever need to visit the front page.


The only way to boing.


Dunno, I mostly navigate to the stories via the BBS threads.


I have a theory that Randian\Libertarian dipshits only succeed in an environment where everyone else is not just like them.

They succeed by being obnoxious self-interested jerks in places where there is no one like themselves competing with them. Where people are usually expected to be polite, ethical and rational. If they had to deal with a real cutthroat environment and survive by their wits, they would be utterly helpless. Every Tea Party governor trashes their economy and depends on the one thing they pretend is a great evil, entitlements from the Federal government. Even Ayn Rand depended on government entitlements to stay alive in her later years.

Btw here is a very funny takedown of Atlas Shrugged done in the voice of COBRA Commander


But definitely NOT a taxi company, just so we are clear.


Or a dessert topping or a floor polish…

Well, AFIK… :smiley:


Maybe the result of a “Fast & Furious” binge marathon?


the ASCII page is the one true portal



ETA: please excuse my bad GIMPing, it’s even worse than my Photoshop skills.


I just use the RSS feed.


It slices, it dices, it julienne fries!


“…I figured I would bring up something that’s actually useful”



“In her letter, Rometty calls the current tax system “outdated and punitive” and said Trump’s plan will “free up capital that companies of all sizes can reinvest in their U.S. operations, training and education programs for their employees, and research and development programs.””

As someone who used to work there, I can tell you that the idea of any of that going to programs for employees, rather than bonuses for executives and stockholders, is beyond ridiculous.


There are plenty of good books on whiteness as a concept and how that’s been constructed historically. You’re right that being white is and has been a moving target. Lots of Eastern and Southern Europeans, as well as some Catholics and Jews, had to struggle to be accepted as white. I think the Irish example is especially telling, because they went from a colonized people who the English often compared to Africans, to a white people in the US.

And of course, all of this comes with caveat that although race is a construct, it has real power behind it. This election was a major reminder of that idea. Go back to your foucault for how categorizations have real power because they translate into real political and violent power.


No. He merely expected the listener to get to that point. He led the listener there, without going there. It’s a very disingenious tactic, meant to create plausible deniability.