Steve Caballero's vintage skateboard collection

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Skateboard grave yard, I like it.


what a legend he is. his collection is amazing – and that Evel Knievel pinball is quite a score. love the way it sounds.

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My cousin was a hardcore skater in the '80s in San Jose, CA and Steve used to hang out with him and his buddies. He always sounded like a really cool, down to earth guy.

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That was a really cool video! Brought back a lot of memories for me. My cousin always rode Steve’s boards and he could play the hell out of 720. I have a couple vintage pinball machines, too.

Compared to some collections I’ve seen, in particular some musicians’ guitar collections, Steve’s board collection seems extremely reasonable. I dig the more hand-crafted vibe from that era.

My first pair of roller skates had steel wheels and I can’t even imaging skate boarding on those. Heavy, squeeky, hardly rolled at all. It was more like stomping around in lead boots.

If you haven’t seen it, watch Dog Town and Z-Boys. Great skating documentary!

bahne superflex

Steve is a legend. He still skates* and plays with The Faction.

*He’s taking a necessary hiatus due to the fact the he broke his femur earlier this week while on the dirt bike track.

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