Steve Wozniak launching a new private space company

Pull over - I’m going to need to see your Letters of Marque, sir.


I also feel I should probably mention that, given the 2020’s talent for turning speculative dystopians into real-life nightmares, I don’t really want space piracy. :grimacing:



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It seems like the “space elevator” issue is largely one of materials science.

Technically the Woz could invest in materials research (and patent and profit from whatever’s discovered along the way), eventually ending up with whatever exotic material would be needed for the structural components/cables.

And yeah, if he needs to compete with Bezos, he could find some way to make it look like a giant dick.

I’m a huge fan of space exploration, but what I don’t get sometimes is the billionaire logic.

Take Elon “we can terraform Mars!” Musk… Um, I’m betting it may be easier and cheaper to terraform good old Terra to repair say significant climate damaging atmospheric alterations.

Can’t decide if their desire for space is part giving up on Earth (since they’re realistically at the top of the mountain here), or some sort of weird imperialistic “I wanna be emperor of Mars” sort of thing.

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You bet. Privateers have official authorization to capture or sink certain classes of shipping.

Now, if you were starting a “Space Junk Removal” company (which is what industry gossip suggests Woz is doing), wouldn’t a system deigned to capture and de-orbit other peoples’ satellites or junk – with permission of course – look a lot like “privateering”?

Woz apparently thinks there’s potentially a lot of money to be made in the space-junk removal business – and if there isn’t, oh well, it’s still a cool thing to spend one’s personal fortune on.

Or so it’s rumored. :slight_smile:

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Also, a self funded entrant in some motor sports.


Love Mark Knopfler, but I fear a more appropriate song for any recent project involving Steve Wozniak is the following (no disrespect meant to Steve Wozniak, it’s just there were “two Steves” for a reason):


See also:


Ok this is less bad than I thought. We need more funding on that front. I just wish we didn’t have a disfunctional government so we can at least be doing this with a uniform approach.

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