Steve Wozniak on how he became passionate about computers


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Steve Jobs was lucky you stumbled into too, or he’d have had nothing to put in his pretty metal box.


I know a different kind of Persol …


Woz, you are loved in this crazy world of ours.


Became passionate?

I thought he always woz.


Love this guy! Met him at the very first Maker Faire (another great reason to go to your friendly neighborhood Maker Faire) followed him on Dancing with the Stars (really) and on Facebook now.
This guy changed the world with a sparkle in his eye.
And a Nerd God!


I don’t think I’ve ever heard the “Christ, what an asshole!” stories about him that I’ve always heard about Jobs (and many of them first hand from folks I knew who worked at Apple and Pixar).


So true. Jobs would have been a used car salesman without him. Good old Woz.


perhaps as passionate as couldn’t let the chance go by :heart_eyes:


Oh, Jobs was a fine designer. But he was no engineer.


And Woz would be a retired HP engineer we never heard of drawing a pension right now if it weren’t for Jobs. He didn’t see the potential of his invention and didn’t really care to start a company. Jobs pushed him.

So I’d say it was a group effort where both men benefitted greatly.

You also can’t argue with the success of Apple,Pixar, and Next under Jobs leadership. Woz hasn’t done anything earth shattering since Apple (and that is OK). Most of us will go our entire lives not making a noticeable change in the world.


Yeah, I was thinking “What does this have to do with sunglasses?”


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