Steve Wozniak says the media is wrong about him and Steve Jobs


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Woz is awesome and also supports Edward Snowden:


He’s my 15th favorite technological visionary.


Having not known much about the guy in general, he seems pretty awesome in an interview.


He’s great in person too.


15th? If you’ve got the time or interest, who are the other 14?


The world may never know…

The Big Bang Theory, Season 4 Episode 2

Sheldon Cooper: You’re my 15th favorite technological visionary.
Steve Wozniak: Only 15th?
Sheldon Cooper: It’s still 6 spots above Steve Jobs. I care neither for turtlenecks nor showmanship.
Steve Wozniak: Yeah, I never got that turtleneck thing.
Sheldon Cooper: One of my proudest possessions is a vintage 1977 Apple II. Despite the file system limitations of Apple DOS 3.3, it was a pretty nifty little achievement.
Steve Wozniak: Thanks. We were shooting for nifty. You know if you had it here, I’d autograph it for you.
Sheldon Cooper: Don’t move for 15 to 30 minutes depending on how the buses are running.
Steve Wozniak: Nerds.


Ah, BBT. I have a coworker who loves the show, but I’ve yet to catch anything other than a passing scene here and there. As for turtlenecks and showmanship, I’m with Sheldon.


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